Basement waterproofing quote-NJ

linbooksAugust 18, 2008

Hi, just found this site. Lots of generous information, thanks! Hope someone can give me some help. I just signed a contract to put in a basement perimeter system and do mold containment (Anabec X-70) with a company in mid-New jersey called Healthy Home Basement Waterproofing and have three days to decide if I am going to cancel. I am very nervous about the cost: $12,000 for the waterproofing and mold remediation. I already have an open french drain around the perimeter that was done 20 years ago and have very little water coming in unless its heavy rain--and then the water drains from the block to the drain to a sump pump. But its still damp and moldy. They suggested opening the entire perimeter 12-16" from the wall, lay in the perforated drain pipe (4" ADS) to a new sump pump with battery backup, a drain board across the footings, vapor barrier in the trench--98 linear feet, put in gravel and close up to the wall with cement. Also includes the humidex system. The warranty is for the rest of our time in the house + transferrable to the next owner. The salesman said that the lime on the walls will dry and brush off but that the stains will still be there but that the block will be totally dry. Is this really possible and is this ridiculously expensive and I am being taken advantage of? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Linda

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Have I got this straight? After excavating around the entire perimeter of your basement, all they're going to do to the wall is reparge it (cement) then cover it with a vapour barrier (6 mil plastic). (I assume that's where they intend to put the plastic.)

If you want to keep water out of your basement, this is inadequate. Ideally, if the exterior wall is cleanable, it should be covered in a liquid waterproofing membrane, not a layer of cutback asphalt. The cove to wall joint--a common source of leakage--should be packed with a waterproofing material from one of the crystalline waterproofing manufacturers--then the wall should be wrapped in a waterproof foundation membrane, such as Delta brand (there are a number of other manufacturers). The new perimeter drain covered in free-running gravel is fine.

Treating your interior wall with a mould containment material does nothing to keep water out of the basement. BTW, you should have a dehumidifier running to keep humidity below 50rh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Membrane

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Don't know about the estimates for the digging/pipe laying, but I can tell you that the cost to fix a 4x4 patch of moldy ceiling was $3,000. That included taking down and reinstalling cabinets and under cabinet lighting, plus through scrubbing of the area & air, and finally repairing the ceiling...

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My Mom just signed with them. How were they. I'm not trusting many contractors this year.

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How was your experience with Healthy Home Basements? Did they solve your problem?

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