Any experience with Bluestar 30' wall oven (s)?

zalmarkJanuary 28, 2012

Hoping to soon visit HQ in Reading Pa. to test 48" rangetop and view 30"oven. Dearth of reviews -especially with 30" wall oven(s).

Wondering if anyone has first hand experience... heat time & consistency? large of a turkey will it fit?....great beef roasts /baked goods? ...easy to clean? quality?...service issues?

Love the french doors and that it is gas ( lost power on a holiday once too many times) assume it will still heat? Next stop instruction manual..

Worth the price???

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am so thrilled to have found folks who are knowledgeable, experienced, and care to share!!

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Hi Zalmark,

Only thing I can tell you is that it will NOT light without power. No modern oven will. Pilot lights have long since been replace with glow plugs.


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Agree with stooxie, but will add that range top burners will still light. The reason an oven will not light is the appliance will not release the gas until the glowplug hits a certain temp. Range top burners realease gas as soon as the knob is turned and relies on a spark to ignight the gas. If power goes out, turn the knob, gas is released and a match or sparker will light it up.

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Bertazonni ranges have at least some models with top burners and ovens that can be lit manually when the power is off (because the oven burner is similar in operation). Their wall ovens may not have that capability.

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So is anyone here using a Bluestar wall oven? I'm now thinking seriously of it as an alternative, with either a bluestar or cc rangetop. Would love to hear feedback on the questions posed by the OP.

How is it recommended that you vent such a wall oven? (For better or worse, I produce big clouds of smoke from the oven as often as from the top burners). I don't think I want or can afford the space for a second big hood.

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