19th c. cabinet

cyn427April 1, 2012

This is one of a pair of cabinets from my grandparents home. I have more pictures, but am having a difficult time transferring from the camera today. Usually, that is the easy part-ha! Anyway, there are shelves inside and the metal trim is brass. The top is brown marble which is really quite lovely. All the inlaid parts are in excellent condition with the exception of one nick near the bottom as a result of stupid movers! Does anyone have any information that might guide me in selling or auctioning this? My sister has the other unfortunately. Too bad we didn't keep them together. I may still offer this one to her. I just don't have anywhere to put it.

Thanks so much. Any information is welcome.

Cynthia From Drop Box

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I'm not well versed in the style of this piece, however, from what i can tell from the picture, the marquetry is incredibly well executed. Second, Id think that if you are planning on selling it, it will bring significantly less on its own than it would if the pair were sold together.

If you could, please post pictures of the back, sides, bottom, and interior. The construction methods (ie how the wood is joined together and what type (if any) nails were used will help pinpoint the age and origin of the piece.

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Its gorgeous!

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I can't think of what else you may have in your home that is better than your grandparents beautiful cabinet.
Best give it to your sister if you have so many more beautiful things.
Linda C

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Thanks all. Linda, yes, we did inherit quite a few lovely pieces of furniture and art. My grandparents were lucky enough to have some wonderful things. If I could convince my DH to let go of things he has bought for himself (2nd marriage for both of us, so lots of stuff)which really aren't of the quality of some of the inherited pieces, I would have plenty of space. :( I have also offered it to my son and his fiancee for their new house since they took several things from my parents' estate as well. I will probably give it one more try with them.

Here are the other pictures. The bolt thing is on the inside and I am not sure what its purpose is, but then I haven't really taken time to figure that out. The sides seem to be veneer since there is one spot on one side near the back where it appears to be separating a little. There are no visible nails or screws holding it together-I suspect the veneered pieces cover those. There appear to be some very small nails inside and some metal screws. The fronts of the interior shelves have the same decorative inlay as the sides (two narrow bands).

I do know that my grandparents had the pair of these on their estate outside Philadelphia in the 1920s. Granddad loved to go to auctions at Freeman's in Philadelphia, so he may have purchased them there (you should see the silver service by R&W Wilson he bought there. Wow. Need to polish it this week while I am on vacation).

Anyway, I digress..here they are: From Drop Box From Drop Box From Drop Box From Drop Box From Drop Box From Drop Box From Drop Box

Thanks again for any information you may have and also for your kind words. Oh and the dimensions: 43"h x31"w x 16" deep.

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I'd love to see the Wilson silver service if you have time - they made some beautiful stuff but it's rarely seen. Great cabinet too.

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Antiquesilver, just so happens I am polishing it today, so I will take a picture for you when I am finished. Taking a break to let my wrinkling fingers get back to normal. I am afraid I don't do as good a job on it as I used to do. My grandmother had help to do this sort of thing-ha. I try to live graciously, but it isn't as easy these days. That was another time and place. :)


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