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angel47630December 8, 2010

Ugh, of course this is ok to write here as this a support/help forum for apt situations and this is a REAL situation that one goes through in apts.

I have no idea what to do in this case as it seems with our upstairs situation, the more we try to get it resolved, the worse they make our lives, so we are just going to buy a house and get out of here.

If that is not an option, what about renting a house? Since you are in a condo, you might own it so moving is not an option? If so, I have no idea what you would do. Is there a tenants board or a condo association?

Best of luck,


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Thank you for your reply Angel,i am so stressed out over this,i lived in a basement before we moved here and the land lady there gave me a hard time coming in our apartment when we were not home etc. This stuff is really taking a toll on me mentally its like reliving that bad experience.
Most people are telling me to leave a note on their door but i really feel they will start getting louder.I could talk to the strata management company but its such an embarrassing situation.I plan on recording the bed sound and then do something,i am guessing if i complain they would need proof.I feel so disgusted when this is happening and then afterwards i feel like i should just leave them n try to not make anyone s life miserable but why am i the one that has to give in!?!
really means alot that you replied.
Thank you

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