Quiet Dehumidifier for basement?

phoenix2000August 29, 2008

I've searched through this forum for dehumidifiers and have seen that the Santa Fe gets really good reviews. However, I'm concerned about noise.

For Santa Fe owners, do you find it loud? How loud? Is it louder than your HVAC?

Are there other brand dehumidifiers that are reasonably quiet?

thanks in advance.

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We're in the precise same position -- ready to buy a dehumidifier and Sante Fe seems the pick but it's pricey and I'd like to know if it's quiet. Here's one model (among the more expensive) that boasts it's for quiet / finished spaces. Our additional twist is that our small NYC basement is a mere 650 square feet. What if any impact will there be if we purchase a unit designed for approx 2500 sq. feet and/or is there a non-Sears cheapy that exists that can do it for us? Thanks.


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