Antique chair frames, Can you identify them?

MalhotteApril 14, 2014

Hello everyone. I hope you can help me with these chairs. I bought these as an upholstery project, and I'd like to know what to call the style. Also, I'd like to upholster the open arms as well as seat and back...any opinions? Thanks!

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No clue on age or style

I would NOT cover those arms. They are a major contributor to the cool look of the chairs

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1910s-1920s Empire revival -- love the paw feet! Is the wood walnut or mahogany? I agree; don't cover those arms!

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They are maple and originally had the "blood-red mahogany" finish popular at the time. The full Parlor Suite would have had a settee and perhaps side chairs.

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Thanks for the info, all. And Sombreuil, when I scraped off the white paint on the right, it was indeed a very blood red stain, much more-so than the rocker, which was already paint-free when I got it. So I'm hearing votes for keeping the arms as is?

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Yes...........leave it as it is. Those are nice, and appear to be solidly built.

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