Our basement project (graphic heavy)

pianoladyJuly 29, 2007

I have a piano studio in the basement of my home, and we decided to expand it by removing a wall, exposing the beam & posts. This leaned us towards a modern design. We're quite a ways into the project now, and will hopefully finish up in the next few weeks.

Before Dividing Wall & paneling:

Before wall at steps:

Here's an earlier pic, but gives an idea of the size of the room with the wall removed:

Where we're at now:

We used oak veneer plywood & used 3 colors of stain. We'll trim out the squares with black stained trim after we get our floor installed. The recessed lights and track lights are new.

We opened up the stairway and drywalled everything smooth. I'm painting the stairway and the walls a light brown/beige & will stain the 2x4s. The current carpet will disappear, and be replaced with either new carpet or new treads. We weren't sure about this at first, but it really opened up the space, and lets light down from upstairs too.

We have the following left to do:

1. Paint all the drywall

2. Install the wood laminate floor (we have a dry walkout basement)

3. Add all the black stained trim

We hired out all the electrical work roughed in for all the recessed lighting & electrical outlets around the room. We had a grand total of three outlets in the entire space previously, with some walls with none. Everything else is DIY.

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very creative use of oak veneer plywood. I never would have guessed.
I think that black stained trim will look sharp.
Putting black stain on the 2x4's as well?
Keep us posted.
Great job!


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Love, love, love the oak veneer plywood. I am going to try to talk DH into a wall like that. Can't wait to see the finished result.

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Did you do this under a permit? In my area, your 2 x 4's along the steps wouldn't meet the railing requirements needed.

I'm also not a big fan of how SPF stains. Make sure you seal it well or it will warp.

The stained veneer was a good idea and looks nice.

Being a piano study, I would worry the plywood wall and laminate floors which be a big echo chamber. Laminate floors definately make a room noiser. But, I don't have any idea whats prefered in a piano study.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll be glad when the drywall dust is long gone and forgotten.

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Love it! Please post more as you progress. I need inspiration for my basement.

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Nice upgrade from the panelling cliche´.

Good point about the acoustics from chris8796.

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Sorry so slow to update, been working!

As far as permit goes, we're in small township/non-city, no permit for what we're doing. Things would be different if in the city, I'm quite sure. If we ever sell, I think we'll add something on the stairs though.

Got most the flooring in today, and finally tried the piano, and the sound is just fine, actually kind of "concert hall" like, my students will love it, especially since I'll be holding recitals in here. Moving the piano and organ around has been interesting, luckily we've got strong teenagers to help us!

Didn't get all the floor done, as it rained & our saw was outside, so will have to finish tomorrow.

We found some fun carpet for the stairs.

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One last update...

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great job!

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An unusual wall treatment that works.

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