walkout basement insulation

loosegrooveJuly 26, 2007

I am finishing my basement and I have a couple of quick questions about insulation and vapor barriers

Currently all of the cement walls in my basement have been painted with the drylock paint. In addition I have also applied extruded polystyrene between the walls and the newly constructed walls.

The questions that I have deal with the back wall of my basement. This is a walk out basement and the back wall is completely above ground. It consists of 2 x 6Âs instead of cement. The home builder insulated this wall with fiberglass batts with and covered it with a foil barrier.

Is the back walls setup acceptable to be covered up with drywall in its current state? Should I install another vapor barrier or will the foil barrier suffice? Finally, there are a few rips in the foil barrier, how should I repair them? I was thinking about using foil tape or another layer of the foil barrier sheets.

Thanks for the help


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The appropriate interior barrier depends on where your house is. If you replace the fiberglass with XPS it won't matter; no barrier needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding Vapour Barriers

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