Terracotta drain pipes next to house

thumbnotgreenJuly 23, 2008

I am a first time homeowner of a 60+ year old house. I recently discovered that the home has a terra cotta pipe on two corners against the house that go into the ground. I don't know how far though.

Anyways, these drains at both locations but on the inside of the basement, there is water on the basement, coming up through where the floor meets the wall. Most of it has been in the summer, and more so in humid weather. One of the drains is filled with concrete (water still is in that area).

My question is, what would be the best method to correct this water getting in the through the floor problem. Do I need to dig these pipes out and destroy them, fill them with something, have them cleaned? Any advice would be helpful. thanks.

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One house that we owned had this. The drain tiles led to a small drywell about 8' from the house. After 60 years your tiles are probably filled with tree roots and dirt and useless. Time to pull them out and replace with PVC drain tile.

Do your gutters lead into the tiles?

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Had exactly this same configuration and yes, they were for the downspouts to drain into the city runoff drains. They were not connected to the sewer lines. I believe they are against our local code now, and the city has quite a campaign going to encourage homeowners to block these up and divert rainwater to the ground.

About 10 years ago when were were having a new concrete walk poured alongside the house, we rerouted the downspouts and covered two of these. The third was on the opposite side of the house and we filled it. Never again had a problem with rainwater seeping into the house at that location during heavy downpours.

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