Silver Companies - Relative Quality?

sweebyApril 17, 2010

It would be wonderful to have a categorical listing grouping the relative quality of various silver makers.

I'm looking at a purchase online and don't know if it makes sense or not -- would depend on the quality of the piece, which (because I can't see it) would be best indicated by the relative quality of the maker.

Anyone know where 'Crescent Silverware Manufacturing Company' falls in the quality scale?

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Are you looking to buy plated ware or sterling? Old or new?
Crescent was in business between 1922 and 77 and was sold to Kirk.
They are certainly not one of the better known makers....but be aware that most silver companies have different qualities....even in Sterling...same maker, same pattern there will be a noticeable difference in the weight of a piece.
My advice is don't spend much money on something you can't least until you be come knowledgable about what it is you are buying.
Linda C

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I came to the same conclusion as you Linda...
The pieces were represented as sterling, but I think they're plate, which means there's too much uncertainty -- I found the information about Crescent, but it didn't really give me any idea as to the quality. I'd always thought Kirk was pretty good, but that doesn't necessarily mean...

Am I correct in thinking that Godinger is generally low quality, International is generally lower middle, Gorham and Towle generally middly to upper middle, Reed & Barton generally upper middle?

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I'm not at home to check reference books but Crescent is not a name I recognize as a maker of sterling. If the piece is sterling it should be stamped as such; if not, count on it being plated.

Quality-wise, it depends on the time period & weight is not necessarily indicitive of quality; in recent years it seems they've added weight to compensate for poor quality. At one time, Gorham, R&B, International, Kirk, Steiff, Wallace, Towle & many others were all top-notch American manufacturers but when the finishing process went to Mexico, the quality dropped even lower than it had been in recent years. IMO Design & finishing are the attributes that make a piece stand out although the weight should certainly be in line with the use.

Linda is right in that companies did sell pieces in different weights but the finishing was the same regardless of whether it was a 'Trade' weight spoon or a Super Heavy Wt.

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