Gutter Drainage System Question

tiberiusJuly 22, 2009

Hello all,

I am buying a 1921 Bungalow in a week or so and one of my first projects will be to reroute the drainage for all the downspouts. They currently drain into a 4" clay tile system that then comes through my basement wall and connects to the city sewer.

I know this is a big no-no, but it is how every house in the neighborhood was built. Needless to say, the 80 year-old clay tile no longer functions very well and the basement gets wet. I am going to pull out parts of the clay tile and redirect the gutter flow into buried solid 4" PVC running at least 10 feet away from the house and more like 20 feet.

The city does not allow day-lighting drainage pipes within 10' of sidewalks or streets, and frankly, I don't want the liability for the icing caused by the run-off in winter.

All that being said, I have 3 questions:

1) Does anyone have any experience with these pop-up drain emitters?

Do they work? Do they get clogged? Do they break?

2) Any suggestions for other good ways to daylight the drains?

3) Any suggestions for a clog-free way to get the water from the gutter to the PVC without using a catch basin? ( ) The 6 inch basins don't seem big enough to be really clog resistant and the bigger ones are pretty pricey. I've seen many versions of filters online, but I don't know if any are trustworthy.

I plan to finish the basement once I get it dry, so I need products and systems that are as fail-safe as possible.


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You can use solid ABS 3" or 4" near the house, connected to a length or two of perforated ABS terminating in a pop-up (See link.) Or you can use perforated flexible PVC weeping tile wrapped in geotextile on top of a gravel bed terminating in a pop up.

Downspout draining into flexible PVC weeper with geotextile sock

The pop ups rise when the water flow is greater than can be drained through the perforations. When they're in place, they keep out rodents who may set up home in the drainage pipes.

I've had to replace the pop-ups when the yard care people destroy them with their mowers. Otherwise, the system works well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pop-Up and elbow

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