fire alarms-

BerryBlisNovember 21, 2004


How common is it in your apartment to have fire alarms? (or false alarms as the case may be...)

I've been living in my apartment for less than 30 days and so far we've had 3 (all false, I think someone pulled it) and they've all happened at between 12 and 1 in the morning....I'm getting a little annoyed with it.... and just wanted to see if this was a common occurance with most places.



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Never! When I lived in apts.
I am in a condo now.
So we get them every time I cook!
I hope the firemen get pissed and find the people.
There was powder they could brush on the alarm switch and the prankster would not know. They bring a blue light down and scan the hands/ fingers of all and see who did it. Sounds like it would take a lot of time to do that.
I thought there was a charge to the management companies when false alarms were pulled too often. In the Industrial parkway here, if the alarms go off by the cleaners too often there is a charge.

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