moved into my new place-

BerryBlisNovember 3, 2004


So i moved into my new apartment on the weekend. So far I love it!! I was just wondering though, i have a treadmill and i'm a little worried that it may bother the people next to me. So far there have been no complaints that I'm aware of. Do you think it would be a good idea to introduce myself to my neighbor and ask them if it bothers them just to be sure? Or should I just wait and hope theres no complaints? Should I introduce myself anyway? (is this customary to do when you move into a new place)?



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It's a good idea to let them know who you are.

While you are chatting, let them know you have a treadmill and

Unless it's really noisy and you use it between 10PM and 5AM, they shouldn't be bothered by it.

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That sounds pretty good. Are those the general rules for noise in most places? I'm usually on it between 6:30 and 8 in the morning (depending on my schedule). It's not a super noisy treadmill, but it can get sorta loud when I run. Is 6:30 to early do you think or are most people understanding for this time?

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Well, if you were my neighbor, and you were right next to my bedroom wall, I wouldn't be too pleased. We get up at 8 to get to work at 9, and if you were waking us up an hour and a half early every morning, that would be really upsetting. I second the idea that you talk to your neighbors and see what their schedule is, and what compromises can be made.

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If you were my neighbor it wouldn't bother me because I am up at 5am. Maybe they are also, but maybe they sleep until 7am, or maybe they don't even hear your treadmill.

Always introduce yourself to your neighbors. "Hi my name is X, how long have you lived here? Really? Then you might know, What is best Pizza/Chinese/cheapest place for milk/insert something in the neighborhood.

Odds are, once you are nice, they will be nice back.

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I have a retro niagara roller massage chair. When you turn it on full blast your guts shake. The t.v, mirror, nic nacs, dog and whole floor shakes. It's good for a giggle to have someone sit in it and have them turn it on. It may wake the dead...lucky for me the grave yard is way down the road. I asked the neighbor but she said they never noticed it making noise. We only use it once in a while...just in case.

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