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boston_northJuly 27, 2010

Need Answers:

I'm looking to complete my basement as a family/kids playroom/TV room. it is half finished now, though much of the ceiling has been torn down for wires and pipes etc, The walls are old paneling on wood studs. I'm thinking of pulling it all out and epoxy walls and floors, spray the ceiling (floor joist, pipes, wires) Black. The wall seems pose some issue as they are not smooth. Anyone try this before? Anythoughts?

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If you have wiring in the walls (outlets, etc.) it would be simpler to leave the studs and replace the wall material (drywall, etc.) You could also prime and paint the paneling.

As for the ceiling, sure you could spray it. Keep in mind that over time it gets dusty up there. Also, if sound is a potential issue you'd be better off with drywall up there, too.

Epoxy floors are great with an area rug or two. We did that as a sort of temporary measure, but it's fine so we decided to leave it be.

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