new house ground water in basement

onwalnutJuly 5, 2006

We were supposed to move into our new house in four days. Yesterday, we went into the house and noticed some water in the basement. A couple of the spots were from leaks that the builder can fix, AC pump, Bilco doors and the fact that he took the port-a-potty away and the workers have been using a toilet that leaks severely into the basement when flushed, (no one noticed). But some of the water was at the foundation/wall joint. He called this morning to say that we have a ground water problem, he did all the necessary engineering before hand, the water table rose(lots of rain lately)and there was nothing else he can do. He told me to find an expert. I am really clueless about what to do. I was going to use the basement for storage, but I'm afraid our stuff will get moldy. He had one dehumidifier going and we put another (professional grade) one in today. What are some options?

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When we built our barn last year, one of the foundation walls developed 2 hairline cracks and both were leaking water, enough to cause large puddles on the floor. They came out and patched the cracks but they were still leaking. The leaking stopped as soon as the ground thawed. Our builder is installing gutters, in a few weeks, along the back which will divert the water away from the foundation. He says if it leaks again next Spring he will dig a trench along the foundation and seal it from the outside.

I know a long story, but my builder took full responsibility for our water problem and seems to be keeping on top of it. Your builder telling you to find an expert is ridiculous. If you have not paid in full, I would not pay anything more until all the leaks are fixed.

I would also suggest looking at your grading around the foundation of the entire house. One simple fix is to regrade and make sure the ground, around the entire foundation including under decks or porches, slopes away from the house. And all downspouts have long enough extensions to keep the water away from the foundation.

Good luck.

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I suspect my last house had a high water problem. My sump pump ran very often, even on dry days. I was naive at the time, thinking this was normal.

I agree with msafirstein. I would try delaying closing on the house if possible. Sounds like the builder is trying to pass his problem on to you.
I feel this "expert" should be at the builders expense, and also costs to remedy the situation.


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