enclosed toilet in small master bath

andyinbostonJuly 28, 2010


We are renovating an old home. We converting a small room into our master bath. We want to enclose the toilet so that one person can use the toilet while another uses the sink or shower. The current plan calls for the toilet to be fully enclosed, with an interior finished width of 3ft. The depth will vary from 5.5ft to 4ft because the wall in front of the toilet will be angled. Ceiling height is 8.5ft. The door is on the angled wall. There is a window inside this enclosed space. Is this enclosed space big enough to not feel claustrophobic when one is sitting on the toilet?

As an alternative we are considering half height walls instead. We're concerned this set-up would not look right. Despite extensive searches I have not been able to find any pictures with similar construction. Does anyone out there have photos to share of a toilet enclosed by half walls?

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry. I posted this in the wrong forum. I have reposted it in the bathroom forum.

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