Lighting in hung ceiling

bosun2July 11, 2007

Hi--I'm putting in a new ceiling--we are hoping to use can lighting. Are there any limitations to using cans in an accoustic tile ceiling? Are they supported by the ceiling or the tile/frame? Are their certain size or wattage limits?

TIA, erik

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Just finished our dropped ceiling in the basement. The can lights are secured to the floor joists. The baffle can be extended down from the can 3-4" or so to the tiles.

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Our can lights were mounted to the floor joists as well..

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I attached Halo 6" cans to the suspended ceiling grid. The arms extend and snap right on to the grid. Of course I gave up several inches in ceiling height, but it was a lot easier getting the can's to line up with the pattern on the ceiling tiles. Plus, if I don't like the where I put them all I need to do is re-arrange the tiles.


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attaching them to the grid is what I'd like--we have 8 inches from the joists to the grid, so I think we will have plenty of space...

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