Cracks in Basement Wall & More

baddiverJuly 10, 2008

My family is considering purchasing a home that is just 2 years old. Well, we saw a crack in the basement wall and then we just received the Sellers disclosure document. In it, it states that prior to framing, the local inspector found one of the foundation walls (poured) was not straight and had 3 cracks in the interior and 2 on the exterior after backfill. It was further noted that after the initial pour that the wall was within 1/4" of plumb, concrete strength was 3000 psi, #4 horizontal rebar was installed at bottom, mid and top of wall and foundation wall had been keyed to footing with 1 1/4" wide Vee Groove.

The contractor repaired the wall using hydraulic jacks and 6"X6" timbers at 3 locations. The wall is supposedly plumb after the corrective actions and the 1/32" to 1/16" cracks were filled with epoxy.

I will be having an inspector look at it assuming I do place an offer, but I was wondering how big this issue is.

Thanks for any input.

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Those hairline cracks are of no consequence if they are the result of shrinkage. A 1/4" out of plumb at the top of the wall may mean that the forms shifted during the pour, or they weren't plumb at the time. Not a concern. Or that the builder didn't complete the first floor or brace the walls before backfilling--an almost universal bad practice.

If by "local inspector", you mean the municipal building inspector, check that he was satisfied with the fix and that nothing has moved since the fix.

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