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adichristiNovember 13, 2004

Our DD is taking that adventure (to the apartment world) what are some creative ways to cover the windows without costing a fortune!


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Sazzy bed sheets are to go if the windows are large enough for twin sized (use them as ceiling to floor curtains). Cheap ones can be found at dollar stores, Target, Kmart, flea markets, yard sales, etc. Get interesting poles at flea markets, Home Depot, or Lowes and have them cut to size. Hang the poles on curtain hanger hardwares. Then fold the top part of sheets over and sew them, put the pole through the folded parts. Or sew on ribbons and tie them on the poles. One can pull the sheets aside and tie them back. Also fabric can be bought from fabric store and hemmed with hemming tape (ironed).

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I personally like the paper, temporary blinds you can get at Home Depot and other places. They are literally paper, folded up accordian style to sort of resemble blinds or roman shades. You cut them to size, and they stick to the top of the window.

They look suprisingly good unless you really get close. They don't keep out alot of light however. And they are dirt cheap. Probably $5 per window. Check 'em out.


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Thanks SunRochy and cmlawrence...

cmlawrence, Do the paper ones provide privacy? That's what I am looking for. Thanks again...

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The paper ones are like frosted glass: let in light, but you can't see through them.

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lazygardens, Thanks...

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Bamboo shades are inexpensive and good looking.

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Sheets are great, come in so many colors and if you have access to a sewing machine they can easily be hemmed with a straight stitch. If you want tie backs buy a yard of ribbon and put a cup hook in the wall.

Being a guy, drapes might not interest him. After 14 years in the same apartment we finally saved enough to buy a house last year. Of course we had no money left after buying appliances and such. Wallmart, Kmart and Target all sell white or beige vinyl mini blinds for next to nothing. We have standard size windows and I paid $3.99 per window and no one knows the difference. The quality of your mini blinds is just not what people inspect when they come over. ;)

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