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wangshanJuly 7, 2008

I have a problem with drainage in my yard. As you can see from the pic , the driveway slopes towards the house. That corner of the basement which is under the stairs gets trickles of water when it rains a lot. I also noticed water coming in beneath the back door where the house meets the concrete. My plan is to attach rebar to the house and build out a conrete stoop, then build a slope along the side (you can see where there was a vine root) so that water slopes away from the side of the house. The opening you see is for the downspout and the other is a drain that goes into a catch basin. I just had those both replaced 1-2 years ago. Does anyone forsee a problem with this or have any suggestions on what not to do? I am in Chicago and get lots of freezing, lots of rain and snow.The cracked concrete was put in by the plumbers who did not do a good job at all. Te other stuff has been there forever.

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I too am in Chicago and I see big problems.

Where is the downspout? I am guessing above the big dark stain on the siding? IF you put the downspout into its drain, where would it and the "catch basin" drain go?

From that photo, add a downspout, pull up the concrete in that square and grade it away from the house. AND, use the proper caulk for that crack under the door.

Those things alone would probably fix it.

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