Cheap insulation for apartment

emilyjjNovember 7, 2006


I live in a relatively quiet apartment building with lots of older people. The problem is that there is basically NO insulation between the floors and we live on the third floor. We can hear *everything* when the woman walks around above us. It is bad enough during regular hours, but she doesn't go to sleep until after midnight and gets up early. I can't sleep until she is quiet -- It is THAT loud. Our landlords are awful; Otherwise I would suggest that they add insulation. Does anyone have any suggestions about a particularly good carpet that we could ask her to buy (or buy for her) or mat? Also I was thinking about trying to insulate the ceiling with ceiling-insulating tiles. professionally installed, they would be very expensive. Does anyone have suggestions of products or solutions? I would really appreciate your help.

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Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions for this sort of thing. The tiles would only help a small amount...if at all, and if you could get the landlord's permission. And carpeting her apartment sounds pretty expensive. Short of moving, the only cheap solution I can think of is ear plugs.

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Insulation won't help. If you're that sensitive to noise, you're better off moving into your own home.

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Ive been an apartment dweller for 15yrs and every time ive done my own construction ive ordered my supplies from McGraw-Hill.. They have very competitive prices, quick shipping, and great customer service.. I wouldn't shop at any other supplier.. check it out!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: McGraw-Hill

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