Religious art print i.d.

peachydevaApril 4, 2013

Can anyone identify who this is? I'm assuming a saint but I have no clue who. We found it in our church basement during Spring cleanup. Appreciate any comments.

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Picture of Jesus - and I'd say from His teaching in the temple at age 12. That tunic treatment shows up in renditions by other artists.

I have studied and do have a real fondness for religious art; good religious art. But this is a bit saccharine, a bit too "candy box"... perhaps why it was relegated to the basement?

Please don't think I'm being snobby about your find.

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Yes, somebody used Heinrich Hofmann's Christ in the Temple to pattern this after. It doesn't appear to be exact enough to be a print off the original.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christ in the Temple

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The pose and tunic are very similar to the print in the link below, but the two are quite different stylistically.

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Yes, the same pose as Hofmann's Christ, but much more stylized... the eyes are wild and the mouth twisted... could it be an attempt at Mannerism? I'll look at it more closely tomorrow when I'm at church. It's been in the basement for 45 years... I see why. Thank you everyone for your comments.

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