Concrete floors in basement?

atomicsJuly 31, 2013

Hi! Everyone was so helpful when I was renovating our kitchen, I thought I'd come back for more help! We purchased a home built in 1940 that has a partially finished basement. The floors are concrete, painted green. The floor is not level - there is a dip where the drain is located. There was previous water damage due to sewer line back up from the basement bathroom. (We're working on that one!) Obviously, we're concerned about the potential for future water issues so we want a flooring that will withstand such possible catastrophes. I love the look of polished, stained concrete. I don't know much about it though so I'm trying to gather info. What are your experiences with it? How much does it cost per sq foot? Ideally, I'd like a light color due to the darkness of the basement. (There are 4 egress windows but it remains fairly dark.)

Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much :) Sue

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It can, when done properly, look great.

Pricing is largely market dependent but be sure to get someone that can show you some good work samples.

That have all sorts of systems from epoxies, to acid stain, to polished, that will really set the floor off as an eye catcher.

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