Is a garage under the house a basement?

behaviorkeltonJuly 12, 2006

My house sits on a slope. The garage is under the house with most of it under ground level. The garage has a garage door and a door with jalousy windows on the front... so the entire front side is exposed for entry.

I do see one area on where moisture seems to have found the block wall, but...

Does this kind of "basement" require the same moisture/mold concerns as a true closed basement?

Being from Florida, I know nothing about basements... I just moved to Tennessee.

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Your garage does sounds similar to a walk-out basement. Even though it's not living space,
I would still try to address the moisture problems none the less. Investigate how the water is getting in and remedy. Usually, it's drainage or grading problems. Hopefully, some of the experts will chime in.

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Thanks. I guess I'm thinking that mold requires darknesss and steady dampness to get a foothold... and possibly a "closed" environment.

Since a garage is usually very ventilated ("open"), I was thinking that mold would not be a problem... but now I'm guessing I am wrong on that.

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I guess my next question is:
Does a walk out/garage basement benefit from a dehumidifier?

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don't think it would work with as open as a garage can be.
i would look for drainage issues like jasper suggested. and increase ventilation and light: leave the door open

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