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pnk_flamingoJuly 10, 2006

We recently purchased a home that was built in the mid 50's. The previous owner had built it. It is a ranch style home and the top floor is approx 1500 sf. There is a 650 sf apartment in the basement that my son and I are moving into. My parents are going to live on the top floor. I am in the process of stripping the basement from floor to ceiling. The top floor has some sloping floors that need to be fixed. The layout (looking from the back of the house) would be similar to a "T". The basement was dug out in the middle and there are two wings on either side of the top floor. On one side is the garage and the other side has two bedrooms. Now, for my question; how hard would it be to dig out the side of the basement under the upper bedrooms? I'm curious for two reasons. One, more space for the apt and two, because over the past 50 years the ground has settled and the floors in the upper bedrooms are sloping a bit. I would like to fix this while I have the basement all torn apart. Does any one have any ideas about this or the cost involved? Thank you.

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The lowest cost solution is to do the digging by hand. Carry the dirt out in buckets if necessary. It can be done. Evidence the tunnels under the US Southern border. This also permits careful inspection as the digging progresses. Dig for an hour or two each evening after work- rather than watch TV. Other methods will cost more- and probably be faster.

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