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wiquilterJuly 12, 2008

We purchased our home 2 years ago. The home is 4 years old now. The basment is "raised" with large windows on one side.That side of the basement is finished off with dry wall and carpet etc. We have water leaking in on that side of the basement. The first summer it happened I called the real estate agent who sold us the house and said I thought the previous owner (who moved out of state) did not disclose a water problem. Opps, was about all I got. Then I called the builder who has built several homes in our area and asked if they could come out and take a look and see what the problem was. Yeah, right.

My question is what responsiblity does the builder have? You know the dry wall is damp underneath. And with each rain the dampness travels farther out. The carpet is ruined. We paid a good price for the home and I can't afford to put thousands in my basement. Not to mention, how on earth could I sell it? I guess I feel that builder should stand behind his work. Shouldn't he? Do I have any recourse here?

FYI, I had a plumber out to check the sump pump and he said that wasn't my problem. In fact, there is just alittle water in there and the pump isn't even running.

The water is at the complete opposite end of the basement.

None of my neighbors around me are having a problem. That's what is leading me to believe it has to do with the building of the house.

I hope I'm not rambling to much I'm just so upset!



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You need to find out what the builder warranty is - often times it is 10 years (and then everything falls apart!).

Do you have synthetic stucco? That has been known to cause water intrusion especially around windows (check the flashing, too).

Why is there a sump pump? Do you have the internal system which removes the water once it gets in? Or are there french drains with outside waterproofing?

Are there gutters on the roof? Are they clear? Is the slope graded away from the house?

You need to get the basement DRY. You will have to cut out all the dry wall that is damp or you are going to have mold (if you don't already).

I suggest you start with a professional inspector (get references) and push the builder. Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and find out if there have been complaints with this builder. Talk to your neighbors (if they had the same builder) and find out what the warranty is. Once you are armed with a report from the inspector, you will have some ammunition to put pressure on the builder to fix it. Be persistent!

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We had to install another sump pump at the opposite end of the basement due to the level of ground water rising. Although we had the builder do the work, he wasn't responsible.

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