Slightly Odd neighbor behavior

nctrnlNovember 29, 2005

Ok I have moved into my new apartment & have been living here a while now. It is in an old house that was converted into 3 apartments. I have the smallest one, one of the other neighbors is an older single mother of an older teen & she ( and her son) seem genuinely nice, but from my first & second passing conversations it seems as if she really doesnt like the other neighbor. In the first conversation with her she told me that she used to live in my apartment & told me that my other neighbor (another single mother with 2 small children) is notoriously noisy. Mostly yelling & screaming at her kids & the kids yelling back at her. And from what I have literally heard so far they ARE VERY noisy, but it is only once a weekend at most(the kids only stay on the weekends so I assume she is a divorcee with partial custody).

This really doesnt bother me much because it is after all only once a weekend that they get into a screaming match.

I havent really talked to this neighbor yet as I like my privacy & quite frankly really prefer not to get to know people. In my experience I am just too nice a guy & because of that ....people seem to want to take advantage of me so I prefer to stick to myself & not get to know people. She has not talked to me probably because our work hours are very different & we never see each other. She seems like a normal person so far (except for the loud arguments with her kids).

The parking lot is a 7 space lot & there are 4-5 cars (including mine) that park there so there is always a space to park. When i first moved in the landlord pointed out to me where everyone usually parked so I picked a spot that wasnt taken that luckily happened to be closest to my apartment door. This worked great for a month, then suddenly the noisy neighbor started parking in my spot (she used to park at least 4 spots over & under a tree at the edge of the parking lot that was closest to her apartment entrance). I really didnt think much of it so I parked in a space near my former spot. But I have been noticing that when she comes home she parks in her old spot (under the tree) & after I leave from work & return home... she is in my old original spot. Very odd!

Then the other morning I had temporarily parked next to my apartment door to drop off some groceries on my porch & while i was doing this the first neighbor (whom I had talked to earlier) was leaving her apt. to go to work. I told her I was moving my car out of the way in a second & she said "that's alright... I really feel sorry for you" & I asked why & she said "because she (the noisy neighbor) has taken your spot". I said that I didnt really mind & I really DIDN'T mind that much. I was new here & didnt want to cause trouble or be an annoying neighbor complaining about petty things.

Then i started to think... that was twice now that the one neighbor said something derrogatory about the other neighbor. I am wondering if there is bad blood between the two & if one neighbor is trying to get me on her side.

.....Who knows?!

Just thought I'd share my experiences so far in my new apartment.

People are funny in an odd sort of way.

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Hubbie and I moved into our apt bldg a year ago and it seemed appearent there was conflict between two of our neighbors. Each one talked against the other when we saw them. We like both of them and decided we would not get drawn into their difficulties. Good luck with your neighbors. That one sounds loonie with the parking. Dottie, Mn.

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When i first read this account the question that came to my mind was, what is the motivation for the parking space tag? Lets face it, there are 7 parking spaces and 5 vehicles which commonly park there. If my math is correct that would mean there are at least 3 open spaces when tenant #2 parks her vehicle before you arrive. Is is merely a co-incidence that she repeatedly selects the parking place that you have been using? I think not.

It appears to me that tenant #2 is playing parking space tag with your for one of two reasons:

1. Obviously there is some type of bad blood between tenant #1 and tenant #2 and no doubt tenant #2 has observed you talking to tenant #1 at some point. Tenant #2 is dying to find out what is being said about her by tenant #1, but since there has been no previous contact between you and tenant #1 she is reluctant to initiate conversation for fear of what your opinion of her might be based upon what she supposes tenant #1 may have said.

2. Tenant #2 may genuinely find you attractive and would like to make your aquaintance but has not found a way to make the initial introduction without appearing to be too bold.

In either case, tenant #2 has elected to play this silly parking space tag game to perhaps antagonize you into initiating a conversation.

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