Anyone finished a basement in an OLD house?

meredith77July 23, 2007

hi! lots of great info on this site and some beautiful results, but it seems that most of the basement projects (or at least the ones I've seen) are in newer homes. Has anyone finished off a basement in an old house? I'm contemplating doing mine. my house is quite old (1917) but has no evidence of leaking/water infiltration, and I'd have enough headroom, depending on the ceiling finish. i have enough know-how to get it figured out, but i wonder if the results will be as great as what i'm hoping for given some of the obstacles a 90-year old basement presents.

i guess i'm just wondering how people have worked around the difficulties of an older basement - uneven floors, walls with a slight bow (not structually unsound, just "settled")less head room, etc. Anyone have photos they'd care to share? I'd like to see the level of "finish" attainable...maybe it will inspire me!

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Before I switched to building new, I renoed lots of basements in Century homes and newer. But, sorry, no pics!

The process is really the same as in a newer home. Assuming there is no water problem, the biggest issue was headroom and low quality concrete floors--little gravel and concrete, no rebar and a hundred years of earthquake quivers. In certain areas, you should provide for radon abatement as well.

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