Marionette family HELP!!!!!

Katrinka_FidoApril 24, 2014

Amazing find (I think) deserves more than box storage. Oh sure I'd love to see them restored (unless that would decrease value or IF ANY VALUE NOW ) & I'd like to have them appraised. ANYONE ethical/reputable to refer me to? YOUR GUESSES? I've made 2 appts for a free appraisal locally only to get an insulting(to me anyway) $100 offer from one to take the 2 children off my hands(later discovered his 'specialty' was folk art. The other appraiser honestly said she was not at all familiar w/marionettes & suggest internet search? These are obviously old, handmade & the very least I'd like to have restrung. Marionette clubs?? Doll collectors?? I'm way out of my league on these but couldn't past them up. Any & all comments are greatly appreciated. I've got 3 of the cross sticks for stinging too. Oh & there were extra legs & arms larger than Mom & Dad feet for another marrionette. Maybe a appraiser/restorer would trade towards work I'd like done. The larger 2 are 19" tall & children 15". Help me please. Katrinka_Fido

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I can see why he wanted the children. They look new in the box. Check on Ebay for marionette dolls and check for completed sales. If you don't you won't know if they sold or not. I collected dolls for 20 years and never ran across any.

I Googled and came on with this on the first hit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marionettes

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Thank you Emma for response. Started to wonder if anyone looks here. I tried your link getting Page cant be displayed & I've researched SOLDs on ebay...knowing an exact match wont happen but I just cant find a comparison. Thanks again...ANYONE ELSE ???

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The University of Connecticut has a museum of puppetry, The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. Perhaps they could give you information on your puppets and the names of restorers. Contact information is on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry

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I adore these marionettes and I'm sure they must have some value, if only you knew where they came from. Museum of puppetry is an excellent idea. I'd take them even if they weren't worth a dime on the market.

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