Help ! Need Basement Sump Pump

sagapo1984July 14, 2009

Help! My basement floods in the boiler area after heavy rains

or snow melts. Recently we flooded because of a hailstorm that

caused groundwater to divert down the back steps into the area at risk. The boiler and hot water heater are a little higher then the floor -but not much. When water comes in it does so VERY quickly,usually due to the above meteorological

phenomena. Any suggestions for a floor sump pump that can pump

large quantities of water quickly and which can activate at a relatively low water level? Thanks, Sagapo

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A traditional sump pump isnt' going to work in this application because the water won't reach a level [hopefully] that will trigger the float switch. Any number of companies make utility pumps that will pump down to a 1/4" or so but you'd have to come up with some way to turn it on. There may be some manufactured device for this, I don't know because I haven't looked. Or you would need to use a moisture sensor to trigger a relay.

The more important question is why this water is coming in your home. You should fix that problem first. The pump should be a backup in case things go horribly wrong, not the primary solution to the problem.

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You need to put a sump pit in the floor so when the water comes in it runs into the pit. Also build a water dam around the boiler. Get yourself a large sump pump and put it into the pit. You need to locate the pit near where the water comes in.

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