Basement Floor Painting Question

randitaJuly 16, 2011

We're sprucing up our home to sell (not on a timetable but a year is our goal). About 2/3 of our basement is finished and that is divided off from a workshop area which is dry walled and has a couple of closets built in.

I'm in the process of spackling and painting the drywall (we've been here 30 years, but never got around to doing this) and have painted the floors in the closets with Ace Porch Paint (latex). I'm also painting the poured concrete outside walls. This is 40 year old concrete and has a lot of stains and imperfections.

I would like to paint the remainder of the concrete floor (it will look SO much fresher) and would like to do it now, but it's not feasible to move everything out of the area and get it completely empty to do so. There are a lot of shelves, standing tools, lumber, etc. and it can't be completely emptied until we've moved. But I can move things around and clear areas within the space.

So finally my question - can I just move things around within the space and do the floor in sections or will it be too obvious and not blend in? Again it is an old floor with lots of pits rough spots (at one time there was a water problem, but that has been fixed) which I'm not planning on filling in as this area will no doubt be used only as a workshop/storage area for any new owner since there is already so much finished space down there.

If it's not a problem to paint it in sections, is there a way to blend it? My thinking was not to tape and do a straight line, but rather to feather lightly from the painted to unpainted area and do it in a slightly uneven fashion and purposefully not straight.

I know that once painted, the floor shouldn't have heavy use on it for at least a week - I may wait even longer since it's summer and more humid.

I'd really like to get the whole thing done now (even if in sections) as there will be so much last minute stuff to do last minute before marketing the house that anything that can be done ahead of time will make the final month or two before sale much less nerve racking.

Sorry for the long story. I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

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Just be sure to wash the floor down first so you're not painting dust and dirt. Use flat latex concrete floor paint and don't worry about blending. Any slight variations will be virtually indiscernable..

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