What is this?

RobertOakleafApril 13, 2014

I do not know what this thing is but i love it! i bought it for 10 bucks. the lady said it might be a butter churn but im pretty sure it's not. the lid comes off, there are two handles on the top. it's made entirely out of steel i think. there is a small opening in the bottom that has a really old cork in it. the pegs coming out of the side are squared. it is 19 inches tall and 14 inches at it's widest section. i was going to turn it into a fountain for my patio but i want to see if it's of any value before i go drilling holes though it. any help on identifying what this thing is would be greatly appreciated.

thank you,


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looks like an old beer keg perhaps. Just guessing of course.

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What's the inside look like? I'm thinking it looks like it should be suspended in some kind of frame by the pegs at the sides, and be able to rock back and forth.

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Part of a rocking butter churn, or early washing machine...?

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