back-up sump pump and radon-sealed sump

amyf5July 31, 2007

In preparation for finishing our basement, we want a back-up sump pump and a radon mitigation system. One aspect of the radon system is having the sump specially sealed. My plumber is familiar with water-powered pumps, but says they're not compatible with a sealed sump (something must be able to move instead of being held in place through the sump cover). Hopefully a battery-powered backup will not have this limitation. Does anyone know if/how a battery-powered back-up sump pump will work in a sealed sump?

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Please fill me in. What is a radon mitigation system ?

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I have such an arrangement. It works.

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"What is a radon mitigation system ?"

An inline blower and a vent to the outside from under the slab.
Any radon is removed from under the slab and vented to the exterior.

I would test before bothering with a mitigation system.

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