Major foundation wall screw up!

jclause1July 20, 2012

We just had our basement walls poured last week and there was supposed to be 2 egress windows poured in the center of the basement on the north wall. They were poured 2 feet too far to the east and now the bathroom wall is going to butt right up to the the edge of the east window. Has this happened to anyone and/or is there anything we can do to fix this? Is it possible to fill in (say a foot or so)of the right side of the window and cut out (a foot or so) of the left side of the window to at least leave us space to put trim around the window?

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Talk with your contractor. This is probably not the first time this has happened.

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Not uncommon with poured walls where it's not easy to see where the bucks are put in the forms. In any case, not a big deal to fix. A concrete saw is used to make the new openings and you fill the unwanted openings with concrete blocks, making sure the top course of blocks are solid or filled.

You'd be astounded at how many things go wrong in building a house and are (usually) rectified before completion. Fortunately, contractors are not brain surgeons!

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