Interior Damage in Condo

sstaarzzNovember 2, 2007


We bought our condo about 2 years ago and there was a tenant already in there. Recently the tenant moved out so we are renovating.

We took up the carpet and in the room by the sliding glass door, there was water damage noted on the concrete (which was applied over plywood.) In one corner, there is a hole about 6" x 8" and another smaller hole. If you look into these holes, you can see the fiberglass insulation.

What I think happened is that over time, rain water hit the terrace door and leaked underneath and spread out over the floor which was underneath carpet. There is no damage to the ceiling in the unit underneath.

I am wondering who is responsible to fix the floor in this case? I know in a condo you are responsible for the sheetrock in, but then someone said something about if we bought the unit less than 5 years ago, we are not responsible. I am not sure what kind of repair is required as I am not sure how much more of the concrete floor and/or plywood is damaged. Any information is helpful. We are located in New Jersey.

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The old saying is that you are responsible for sheetrock in PLUS doors and windows. If the association can prove that damage occur from water that leaked in from your door (even if it was not YOUR door at that time), then they could make you responsible to fix it.

I am also a condo owner in NJ and would like to hear other opinions.

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