I found the sewer smell in my basement !!!!!

sewnice50July 30, 2010

After more than 2 years I finally found the source of the sewer smell in my basement and I canÂt believe I didnÂt realize it. I tried filling the floor drains with bleach water, I had the furnace guy cut a hole in the duct work so I could clean out the drip pan for the air conditioner. I opened windows. I threw out the carpet. I was ready to cry it was so frustrating and stinky, until I had a light bulb moment when someone mentioned standing water.

My drain pan in my dehumidifier never drains completely and when I pulled it out to see if it was stagnant OMG what a smell!!!! Now that its cleaned out my house smells wonderful. I hope this helps. I know how frustrating a smell like this can be.

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Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!

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If you go to a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning supply house you can get some small tablets called "Pan Tabs".

Pan tabs are small tablets of a chlorine product that are primarily used in air conditioner condensate drain pans. Drop a couple of the tablets in the pan about once a month and they slow dissolve chlorine into the water to kill bacteria growth and help prevent odor or mold build up.

They are also good to prevent the formation of bio-film which is a clear gelatin like mass of bacterial growth that has been linked to "Legionaires Disease".

Although the tablets are primarily designed for AC condensate drain pans they also work in Dehumidifier pans.

I have seen them on the shelf in some Lowes and Home Depot stores in the section where they have HVAC parts and supplies.

The tablets are relatively inexpensive. I would expect under $5 for a year supply of them.

Although not quite as effective as the slow dissolving pan tabs, you can help prevent the bacterial growth by occasionally pouring about an ounce of ordinary laundry bleach in the pan.

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That's right there are actually a lot of types of tablets that could be useful in your situation(anti-scale build-up,bleach,chlorine and whatever would help keep a pool clean).
This should solve you problem.

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I heard adding a few drops of bleach has the same effect...?

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The LG/Goldstar portable dehumidifiers have a drain hookup that bypasses the container. The condensate goes directly into a hose.

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