Current Antique/Collectible Reference Books?

catkinApril 16, 2010

Could anyone recommend any relevant books? Perhaps some that may be at a public library?

Thanks in advance!

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There are so many books on 'antiques'! Can you clarify a bit?

What information do you want? Are you talking about antiques or are you talking about collectibles? Do you have objects that you wish to identify/authenticate? Or do you want a valuation? For the latter you're far better paying for a proper appraisal, 'price' books are outdated the moment they're printed and only give an AVERAGE of prices realised for SIMILAR objects at SELECTED venues over a period of a few years.

Are you interested in studying on something that's caught your interest? What would that be? A few details will net you a pile of excellent recommendations. The folks on this forum cover a LOT of territory so you'll certainly receive valuable information. I hope you spend some time here, too, not just at the library.

Pain, aren't I?

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I really like the 'Antiques and Collectibles" books by Judith Miller.

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All books about "antiques" are relevant...but many may not be relevant to you.
Are you interested in netsukes? or perhaps first grind Pomona...or maybe skookums? Furniture? Glass, china, pottery, treen ware? Antiques dealing with old schools, perhaps needle work? Maybe baskets, jewelry, tinware...copper ware?
Let's start with a couple of about Ruth Webb Lee "Antiques Fakes and Reproductions" and perhaps Wyler's Book of Old Silver.
There are books on old marbles on Sleepy Eye pottery on Watts on printed tablecloths, lace table cloths, quilts of the 18th century....quilts of the 19th Century and 20th century quilts.
There is so much to learn! you just get a book and study!
Linda C

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I think most of those price guide books go out of date the minute they're published. There's plenty of websites with current information. I've linked to Judith Miller's, which is pretty comprehensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Millers Antiques Guide

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That's a British site...and the "valuations" I saw were from 3 to 5 years old and expressed in Pounds.
Lots of eye candy there...but not very informative nor educational for a beginner.
Linda C

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Whatever, Martha.

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If you are going to yard sales, auctions or thrift shops & want to get general idea on what value should be try Schroeder's price guide(lots of pics & index in back), Antique Trader, Warman's Antiques & Collectibles, Kovel's Price guide, these cover many subjects & might carry 1 in vehicle in case you think you've found a real treasure. Gene Florence has a lot of books out on Kitchen glassware, Elegant Glassware, Depression Glass with price guide for all tho some books may be several years old. Shows each type of glass ,lots of pics to help you learn to identify glass. Hall China has book, Westmoreland,Nippon,Findlay,Carnival Glass, Ruby Glass, Pottery & Porcelain Ceramics by Antique Trader. Then there are books on Iron(anything made from iron)Wicker, Silver, Advertising, Postcards & or paper collectibles,Dolls have lots of books, Patrica Smith had whole series,Various books on furniture, country, American etc.,cookbooks, Dictionary of marks by Kovel,coins, stamps,kitchen collectibles, old books,toothpick holders,thimbles. The list goes on & on so either get general guide or 1 that fits area of collecting you are doing. Almost anything can be collected, but it may have very little value, buttons can range from 1 cent to several dollars for hand painted or very rare buttons. You can't collect everything so you narrow it down to your favorite things!Also some areas of country, things sell for very little if the item is readily available so as it says books are a "guide" to possible value of your items, some things popular 10 yrs ago may not be selling now. Library will have 'reference books on antiques" & books that can be checked out so check both areas of library! Have fun!

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