Owens Corning Basement

elfrickoJuly 9, 2008

We have just gotten 2 small rooms with their system installed for $29,000. We bought a flat screen TV to be mounted on the wall and were told they do this all the time and no wires will be showing. What a joke. It looks terrible. Just got through talking with the president of Rembrandt in Atlanta, Ga. He wanted to charge us another $500 to correct what their electrician did. No customer service here. I would not recommend this system to anyone unless you are very rich and can afford to throw money away and not get what you paid for. We still have not gotten our carpet installed.

When we told the president that we were going to the BBB he just said they would take a report and nothing would happen. Looking for phone number to call Owens Corning direct to let them know what kind of a distributor they have in Georgia. We are very sad we got this system.

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It is unfortunate that you did not read old posts about the system on this forum before your investment. Local installers cause inconsistent results with an already overpriced product.

Sorry for your misfortune.

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The whole system is a sham. They play on everyone's fear of "mold."

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Yeah I called them and two of their 'salesmen' showed up and well... if you want a mental picture of what it was like. Imagine inviting two of the most cut throat car salesmen into your home to sell you a car that you just want to see it and look it over. It took me over two hours to get them out of the house and they THREATENED ME WITH MY LIFE if I did not use their system because of the mold would kill me. I informed them I would eat mold before I used their system no matter how great it looks and both of them need to leave or be worried about their own livelyhood. THEY ARE HORRIBLE and the cost is enough to make you fall over dead way before the mold will affect you!

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I was a subcontractor for Basement Experts / Owens Corning for years. Worked my but off for them.
Just a warning for those subs out there considering working for them, in the beginning they pull money from your checks as an insurance policy to make sure you guarantee your work for a year. I can understand that. But once the year passes with no call backs they are to return the money.
Its been 2 years and I still haven't seen my $700.00. Beware subs, they'll screw you the same way they do everyone else.

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I used to work for OC Basements in Denver Colorado. It is true we were allowed to discount off list price for 30%, we were actually allowed 35% if manager approved we just made only 3% commission compared to if we sold within 15% of list (10% commission)

I had a hard time sleeping at night and have been in high pressure sales before, I just didnt like the fact it was a true one call close and we would not be given a penny if the customer called the following day to place an order. I also did not like that I felt my product was not attractive compared to conventional materials and 3 times more expensive. I would have alot of cancellations after a 4 hours presentation pounding the customers head into the table so I did not waste the gas. The money was great but I feel 10x better I am gone now.

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