Please help with evil new manager

maddie_in_kyNovember 29, 2007

Hi all--

Earlier this year, our complex was sold to an out-of-state owner, and since then. we've had nothing but trouble with the manager. (The old owners were great--never a problem in 11 years--)

We have very limited parking, with one space assigned/alloted to each unit (8 units per building). This became a problem when other tenant's moved in SOs, friends, those folks took all of the 4 extra parking places, which left none for us who actually live here/are on lease. (There again, never a problem until the owners assigned us numbered parking places.)

So, I asked if the parking could be assigned that if you rent a 1 bedroom, then you are allotted 1 space, 2 bedrooms would get 2 spaces. No--not gonna happen, but the manager moved the dumpster out of the parking area, and that freed up 2 more spaces. This worked much better, and everyone was peaceful again.

However, this dumpster had not been picked up in almost 2 weeks, there was garbage everywhere, bugs, and (I think) rats. Talk about a horrible mess--and it's on the front of the property, so it looks (and smells) terrible. Other dumpsters on the property has been picked up, but not this one.

Well, apparently, the local health department got called (by a tenant of my building), and when I came home tonight, a neighbor told me that the maintenance guy spray-painted stripes & "No Parking" not only in the area where the dumpster originally was, but also in one of the un-numbered spaces. So, now, we're down to 3 extra spaces with 6-8 people jockeying for them. We must park on the busy street in front of the building and risk getting our cars hiy by the speeders or drunks that frequent the bar down the street.

And... our oven went out in Oct, and we notified the manager on 10/30, and after several unreturned calls to the manager, the maintenance guy calls and says he's too busy, and he'll get to us when he can (not too busy to spray-paint the parking lot, I see.) We weren't able to have Thanksgiving dinner this year at home either. And apparently, our neighbors are having the same problems, and no one is happy. (I guess we are fortunate b/c the neighbors are reporting mold, leaking ceilings, and termites--so i guess no oven is minor compared to their problems.)

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Apparently, the manager is vindictive, and none of us can afford to move, so at this point, we're stuck. Is there a city gov't office to call and complain? (I don't know what to gov't office to call.)

Man, I'm so tired of this. (We are saving money like mad to buy a house, but houses are still so very expensive around here--)

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" Is there a city gov't office to call and complain?"


"I don't know what to gov't office to call."

Open your phone book. Go to governemnt listings for you city. Look up; Health Department, (garbage, rats, ect.) Building Inspector, (leaks, mold, ect.) and Tenant Landlord. (repairs. ect.) Dial.

As far as not getting extra guest parking for yourself, there is nothing you can do. It is written in the lease how many (if any) parking spaces are included or sometimes there is a separate lease for parking spaces. If you are not getting the number of spaces that your lease stipulates and that you pay for, mention this when you call to complain about the other lease violations. Otherwise you have no demand to the unassigned spaces.

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Add the police department on to your list of govt offices to call. If you have street parking available to you (it sounds like you do) and the problem is drunks and speeders hitting your parked cars, then this is an issue for the police, not a problem with lack of parking.

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In your lease agreement, it should have a paragraph that says something to the effect that the landlord is to provide a habitable environment for you to live in. Not a toxic waste dump, which is basically what you described the conditions of being. Also, you have the right to a "quiet, and peaceful enjoyment" of your living space. Therefore, if they are not responding to noise complaints, they are not providing you with that. Generally, at least where I work at(I am a leasing agent), there should be an after hours number you can call to report noise complaints, as they can not be addressed unless a staff member can witness it. If there isn't one, call the police if someone is being excessively noisy.
Also, if there is mold in the buildings, it is a serious health hazard. Mold is linked to countless respiratory problems, among other things. Report it to the department of health immediately. This would also give you a strong legal reason to break your lease. The complex is usually given a certain amount of time to remedy the problem, if they do not in that time, you have a basis to breach your lease. If living there is hazardous to your health, they wouldn't stand a chance in court against you.
If you do breach, you'll probably be taken to court by the landlord. Bring documentation that the building is in deplorable condition, take lots of pictures now to bring with you later(of the dumpsters, termite damage if you can find any, mold if you can see it, etc...) This will all help your case and more than likely make the judge take your side.

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