Need help from Sterling flatware owners....

peegeeApril 12, 2014

Cross posting this as need more help - hoping someone specifically familial with Oneida's Michelangelo pattern. As posted:
Are your knife handles marked sterling? Have just started buying Oneida Michelangelo pattern sterling as a gift, (Oneida no longer making sterling) bought my first few pieces, but am confused that the butter knife looks like all stainless instead of stainless blade with sterling handle. Any one else have the master butter - is it marked anywhere? How else besides having a jeweler test it would you know for certain? For those who may not know, the pattern was made in both stainless and sterling, and in fact the stainless is apparently still being made overseas in an inferior quality. Thanks for any help!

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Did an eBay search for this pattern in sterling. Did not see a butter knife, but here is a description for the regular knife.Can we assume if the regular knife is marked, the butter should be too?

"This is Vintage Oneida Sterling Silver Modern Hollow Knives in the "Michelangelo" pattern. I recently acquired these at a local estate auction. They are lightly marked Sterling Handle on the side of the blade. They are in good condition with only minor surface marks from use and no monogram or engraving (or removal.) The stainless steel blades appear to be the originals and are firmly attached to the handles. Each knife measures 9 inches in length."

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sorry, duplicate post

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Hi Harold - thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately, these pieces are newer, probably from when Oneida stopped making these in Sterling - can't remember what I read but it was somewhere around 2001 or 2005 I what would be for vintage, may not be true for those of a more recent production....I did think anything in sterling is supposed to be marked, but that may not really be the case. Again, I appreciate the help!

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