What can I do about cigarette smoke seeping in?

solomongrundyNovember 10, 2010

I live in a 3rd floor apt. My downstairs neighbor smokes, which in itself, doesn't bother me, except for the fact that it seeps into MY apartment.

What can I do to prevent this odor from permeating my home and possessions?

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You first need to find out where its coming in from. Is it coming in through cracks in interior doors or plumbing pipes running from downstairs or maybe heating vents? Once you find that out blocking the spot should be easy for you. Good Luck.

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The tables are turning. Where I live there's much discussion about whether your issue is worthy of making it illegal to smoke in apartment buildings altogether. I don't mind smoking but we all know it's a really bad habit.

I recall an experiment from high school biology where moving or adding clean air worked best to dissipate. (I don't remember what were were proving though :\) Plugging holes or masking the odor is one solution but adding a fan or air purifier should help.

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Get a good air purifier.
And Natural Magic or Citrus Magic odor absorbing gel tubs for rooms + closets. They neutralize, not mask, and do work very well.

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That only happens when i leave windows open.Wish the sound proofing was as good as the scent proofing lol.
You didn't say if he smokes in the home or out on his balcony.

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