Is interior weeping tile installation Messy???

lulundaveJuly 16, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Usually I lurk at the Laundry or cleaning forums. Now I find myself in a jam with my basement so here I am.

With record rain levels in June we have had some seepage in our basement through the cinder blocks. Through time and the digging and tarring of one side of our home we have figured out our problem.

We had the eaves hooked up to the city sewer system. The system filled to capacity. All the rain water from our eaves settled in our big O and finally flooded our foundation.

Here we are in July. The downspouts are now directed down the driveway, and the other 10 feet out into the front yard. Our cinder blocks are still seeping.

Called in a VERY reputable company who wants to install interior weeping tiles that drain the blocks to the sump pump.

We have a month to completely empty our beautifully finished basement, cut up the drywall 2 feet, cut off the bottom 2 feet of strapping and brace it.

My question is this - how messy is this whole ordeal? Is there something I can do to stop some of the dust from traveling upstairs? Does anyone have any advice for us, or lived through this?

Thanks in advance, sorry it is so long.

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"All the rain water from our eaves settled in our big O"

Just what is a "big O"? (Keep it clean!)

If the exterior walls are accessible it would be more effective to waterproof from the outside. BTW, tarring cinderblocks is not waterproofing, so it's no wonder water still comes in.

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