Chinese style bedroom set from the 1950's ??

hotpprsApril 6, 2013

Can anyone identify where this bedroom set may have been made, the manufacturer, and what it may be worth?
It may be hard to see, but the brass (I guess) hardware has a Chinese design, and the color is kind of a heavy lacquered red burgundy color. I think it was purchased around the 1950's in NYC. I'm not sure if the lamps came with it. There is also a long dresser that is not in the picture.
I Googled this, and could not find anything close to this, so it think it could be fairly rare.
Thanks for any info or links which could be useful.

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Vaguely "oriental" furniture was popular in the USA. Some was made in the USA and some was imported for sale, and some was hauled back by people returning from a stya overseas.

Have you looked for a maker's mark?

Can you get a better-lit picture?

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Thanks. We didn't find any maker's marks, but we didn't really know where specifically to look.
I'll post another photo which is a little brighter, but more blurry. I am not by the place where it is so I cannot take my own photos.

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And here is a photo of just one of the night stands.

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To me it looks like the furniture made by a company called American Of Martinsville.

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There have always been furniture makers making "Asian" inspired pieces - it's never been wildly popular, but it's a classic.

Remove all the drawers and look inside the drawer, outside the drawer and inside the dresser's casing. Smaller pieces - turn them over and look on the bottom. Also look on the hardware,

The curve on the dresser was not cheaply done ... this could be an expensive mid-century set. :) The way the night stand is supported with the square boards is very 1940s-1950s "mid=century modern"

Finding furniture ads and catalogs to match the piece to can be difficult.

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