Do I service or replace a wolf gas range?

chickadee4January 16, 2014

The service repairman just composed a list of items to be replaced in both my gas ovens . I noticed that the kitchen reeked of gas after starting the oven and thought maybe it was the gas line needing a new valve.
It is recommended to replace three new burners and three ignitors along with a new floor in the larger oven. The floor to the oven has pit marks and the hood that at one time screwed or welded on is now detached.
While I await the repair cost I was mulling over whether I should just replace the range.
I also realized that the repair man never removed the floor to the smaller oven so I do not know if this oven floor is breaking down.
The larger oven floor panel is weak and pitted.
The burners have cracks along the pipe.
Of course I will wait until I see the repair cost but just curious in what else I should be considering.
I was going to make a french cheesecake today but instead will take a walk to shake some of this winter fat I have gained.
Really would prefer eating cheesecake but find I am ready to torch this money pit of a home.


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