Help To Identify Mantle Clock

Robert6816April 26, 2013

Help - my wife and I picked up a mantle clock - the same style as in this photograph, except 50X better condition. Our works well and looks great. However, there are no labels on/in the clock and the clock works have no markings at all. I think it may be made by E. Ingraham company but Iam totally guessing - ANY informaion on this type of clock will be appreciated! God Bless!

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That looks like an 8 day wind-up mantle clock. Unfortunately, you could find no labels. I would have expected to have found a label on the inside. There should be a back door on this clock to permit access to the pendulum and thatg is where I would expect to see markings and sometimes a repairman's note.

When you do get it all sorted out, do not be surprised if you find two names: one will be on the clock works and the other on the clock case. In many models, the clock maker makes only the cabniet and orders the mechnical assembly form a factory. The clock maker may also supply the face and hands,

In some instances, a dealer or jewelry store orders a batch of clocks bearing the name of their business. The clock maker orders the works from a maker, makes the cabinet, assemblies the clock and applies the business' name.

A tip: Pendulum clocks should not be transported with the pendulum weight attached. The pendulum weight should be removed even when moving the clock about the house especially if one has to carry the clock up or down a stairway. The escapement parts can be damaged if the pendulum is forced to move too far to one side, or the delicate pendulum support recieves a shock when the clock is set down too hard. A short move can be done with the pendulum weight attached if care is exercised against damaging motions.

There might be a label on the bottom of the clock. However, this is an unusual location. Do not turn the clock over until the pendulum weight has been removed. You can look at the bottom of the clock by using an inspection mirror and a flash light.

Use google with key words "clock, mantle, antique or collectible" to find sample clocks.

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Thanks for the feedback - here is a picture of my clock - Accordig to the guys on another page, it appears to be a New Haven Milan, 8 day half hour strike, hour gong, oak cabinet with gilt face.... Does anyone know where New Haven's were made (Conn?) or anything more about this clock... Any information will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Rob

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Additional picture of clock!

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Drop a note to John at Delaney Antique Clocks in West Townsend, Massachusetts. Send him pictures. John is very helpful. I do not have any affiliation with John or the store but have purchased clocks from them. They are one of the premier antique clock dealers in New England. l I know they have New Haven clocks because I've considered a few.

Good luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: Delaney Antique Clocks

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