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doglover114April 17, 2010

Please tell me what you think of this piece. Either in my dining room with china is it or in my living room with nice books and knick knacks. Would you offer less money? I like shabby chic or french country decorating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Breakfront / bookcase/cabinet

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For $550!

It's a STEAL. Look at the depth and undercutting on the carvings - that was not a mass-marker Sears catalog piece. It's not Chippendale, but you couldn't touch similar quality in a new piece for less than a few thousands.

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Yes....a steal....highway robbery!!
Put it in your dining room....and spend what you saved on a table to go with it....and then some!!
Linda C

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Thanks for your reply. I thought the same thing. The price seems to good to be true. I'm going to go see it today or tomorrow. The guy told me he just bought this house with furniture in it. Do you think I could offer less?

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Always offer less....
Go over your hands over it....squint....sight down the side of it....then say...."Hmmm....I like it....but....." then sigh and ask..." Could you take $475?" and his reply will most likely..."can you see your way clear to give me $500".
You sigh and get out your wallet!!!!

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I could be wrong, but I would be very careful of this one. It doesn't look right. My guess would be the carvings are resin, applied with glue and nails. The type of finish that is on it is usually applied to hide something. Pull out the drawers and see if you can find the manufacturer. If the carvings are resin, they will show wood pores but not the grain lines. Scratch under one of the carvings and see if it shows white. After you have pulled out the drawers, use a flashlite and see what you can see. Look at the back of the doors and see how the glass is installed. If he is too much in a hurry to let you do these things, then let it pass. If I'm wrong, I apologize all over the place, but check it out good before you make an offer.

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Drats! The posting has been deleted so I'm guessing she bought it or someone else did.

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I didn't go see it yet. I'll be going tomorrow.

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It's a moot point now....but the carvings are not resin....and there is no way that is not worth $500 and well more!

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I'm hoping the carvings are not resin. From what I can tell it doesn't look it. I'm not an expert by any means. It's just a feeling I have.

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I'm not knowledgeable about how to post a site, but if you go to Pearlworks or Enkeboll you'll see some examples. These are not cheap, they are expensive. If you were to take a pen knife and scratch in an unobtrusive place, they would show white. Also, the color of the carvings would be a little different than the wood. Whether they are applied resin or applied wood, if you like the piece, $500 is not too much. Also, take a pen magnet and you should be able to find the nail, if they were nailed on (they may not be). Ask if the carvings are resin, and if he sees you are a serious buyer, he should have no problem letting you verify it one way or the other. Just make a list of all the things you need to check out and take it with you. See my post above. The question is not if you should buy it, but you should know what you are getting. Also check out the rosette with the bail. These are generaly not stained and varnished.

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The decorations may well be molded plaster and applied rather like the decorations on a gilt/gold leaf picture frame. And, even if they are carved wood they will not be an integral part of the piece....they would be applied, possibly nailed but more likely glued on.
I don't know how long resin decorations have been made but I would guess not more than 25 years....and I believe this is lots older than that.
I guess I don't see your point...? For $500 buy it and wonder what you have later.
Linda C

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I did go to see it. There was a tag in the hutch that said burlington house furniture. I;m not sure if the decorations are resin. The person selling it just bought this house with furniture left in it. He was very nice and let me take my time checking it out. He said the original owner had it for a long time since he found pictures with it in it. I told him I'd call him tonight. I'm not sure what to do

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Hope someone saved a picture to post it!
I have a file of craigslist photos that I save for general interest (it's a lot easier to collect photos than to collect furniture :-))


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