Apartment workers got paint on my car!

heather88November 8, 2008

I noticed a white smudge on my car last night, and I assumed it was bird dropping (it was dark), but now that its daylight outside I realized that this was paint, and it wont come off!

My apartment complex has been doing a lot of remodeling and a lot of repainting of everything, and the painters will leave their cloths and paint buckets out on top of people's porches and whatnot.

I'm going to go talk to the office tomorrow, since they closed early today, but I was wondering if anyone had advice that I should probably follow through with other than talking to the office manager about it?(i.e. how to remove the paint, or legal actions i could take.)

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Depends how much paint you are talking about, if it looked like bird poop can't be much - take a closeup picture of it so you have your proof. Ask the manager to deal with getting it removed from your car.
If no action is taken, talk to a)your car dealership to see what would be involved in removing the paint or b)your auto insurance company to see what they recommend.
Suzan J

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Paint can be most easily removed using a claybar. You can get either the Mothers or Meguiars kit at any auto parts store in the detailing section. It will take a little big of elbow grease to rub the spot, but I guarantee the clay will work (for less than 20 bucks).

Here is a link that might be useful: Clay bar kits

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Heather, DO NOT talk to your auto insurance company about this for advice on "how to remove paint damage" from your car. That is WRONG. (How would they know how to remove paint anyway???)

Never call your insurance company unless the damage is huge enough to have to put in a claim. The reason is that an insurance company will ding you, and count incidents even if you are not filing a claim for it. So if you call them and say something happened to your car, but you are not filing a claim, they will count it against you and your rate may go up. That is the way they operate.

It sounds like your paint damage is small and the Claybar suggestion is a good one. I would still mention it to the LL so he is aware of how careless the workers were. I doubt if you need him to give you the workers name so you can pursue this in small claims court but it would not hurt to keep a record of the event. You never know, he may hire them again and they are even more careless next time.

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