Is this a valid complaint?

quietrenterNovember 14, 2013

I live on the top floor of a 3rd floor apartment, and have lived here for around 10 years. For the past several years a woman who lives on the 2nd floor (not directly under me) leaves her apartment at about 6:15 a.m. and pulls her car from the detached garage to the front of the building. She then honks her horn so her 2 high school age daughters can go down to the car. The problem is that her daughters never go right away, so the woman honks her horn over and over again between 6:15-6:30. In the winter it's disruptive but in the spring and fall when windows are open she often wakes me up. Who wants to listen to a constantly honking horn right away in the morning? The apartment building across the street is situated in such a way that sound bounces between the buildings and in the summer when someone is talking in front of the building it sounds like they're right inside my apartment. That doesn't bother me but I'm reaching the end of my rope with the honking horn. Do I have a valid complaint? I will call the manager and complain if I do. Her car is on the street when she does this, so I'm not sure if it's covered in the quiet rules on the lease. Also, she is not a native English speaker and is always swearing and ranting at her kids, so she's not exactly approachable and I won't confront her on my own.

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What about leaving a note on her door? Maybe she doesnt realize she's disturbing the neighbors.

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Contact management. Also, check with noise ordinances in your jurisdiction. Where I live, it wouldn't be allowed.

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Thank you both for the advice! I might try both approaches.

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Yes, it's valid. U should have a noise ordinance in your town.. I have the same problem here. There R people with handicapped kids in this building. All of the short buses come 2 pick the kids up. There R 2 drivers that lay on the horn as the parents R not able 2 get their kid down there. If I had a normal kid, I would have 2 pay $75, a week, 4 door 2 door pick up! The Gov. pays! This irritates me! We have a onsite manager, and although he knows all about this building and how it works, He is none the less, an imposing figure. He went out an yelled at the 2 bus drivers and told them that he would have them fired. This is a real possibility. They no longer honk, and the, "Breeders" still, R Unable 2 get the kid out there. The 1 was fired. The other has been given notice.


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eteinne, SHAME on you for your remark !!!! You have an anger issue with a stranger that has handicapped children, be careful what you say, IT could happen to you someday.

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eteinne, speaking from personal experience, the "short" bus, or bus for disabled students as I prefer to call it, does not arrive at exactly the same time every day.

If there is an earlier pick-up, and something goes wrong so that there's a delay, the bus comes late. When you are dealing with children with disabilities, sometimes things just go wrong. The kid throws up and needs to be changed. An important screw falls off the wheelchair. You just never know.

So the bus isn't showing up at the same time every day. So the parents don't know exactly when to have their child out the door.

Now, the honking isn't necessary and should be stopped.

But discrimination against the disabled isn't very nice. Trust me, those parents would greatly prefer to be sending their kids off on the regular bus, rather than get the "special" door to door service their kids need.

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