Ideas for dealing with our Terraces?

spedprofNovember 4, 2005


The North side of my apartment building has terraces that are flush with the building (built inwardly) that face the less desirable direction (street). All apartments that have these terraces also have traditional external terraces that face the pool and view the ocean. The flush terraces were all cheaply screened in years ago due to a problem with pigeons and most everyone uses them for storage. With an inner sliding door to the room they join, they also offer fresh air. We are being given the option of suggesting to the Board a new way of addressing these terraces. Can you offer suggestions and/or direct me to places to look for ideas?


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You might think this is silly, but here is a link to a feng shui article talking about suggestions regarding high rise apartment design and balconies, etc.

Other than that, I'd drive around your neighborhood area and look for Terraces I like or do a google search for European Terraces and suggest these to the board.

Good luck!

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