Help- Neighbors spray painting in garage above vents

hopfulinphillyNovember 18, 2006

I have some rude neighbors that live below me in a row home. They do a lot of things like play loud music, scream at each other, and rev their engines at late hours, and mostly I am OK with all that. But now they are working on a car in the garage, which is a shared space to do laundry. The problem is that they are spray painting it and it's right above our vents, so the fumes come into our apartment. We have tried putting towels over our vents, but the fumes still get through. Soon we will need to turn our heat on and will need the vents open. I feel like it is really rude and dangerous that they are doing it. We have talked to them about it, but they still do it. Any suggestions?

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I would call your local building and saftey, or association. This is an extreamly dangerous situation. Yes the paint is bad BUT if someone just ran a car in the garage the CO2 could kill.

These tenants need to be delt with but the saftey issue is much worse. This is against building codes in my state.

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Call the building inspector. This is a deadly situation. If paint fumes get into your apartment so does car fumes.

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